A Politician Who Supports Israel

Back in March I had the privilege of traveling to Washington DC for the AIPAC Policy Conference.  (AIPAC = American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the US)  While there, 18,000 AIPAC delegates flooded Capitol Hill to visit every single Congressman regarding support of Israel.

To my pleasant surprise, though the current administration is far from it, Congress is by-and-large very supportive of Israel.  I personally visited both Arizona Senators, as well as my House Representative, and all were extremely supportive of the pro-Israel agenda crafted by AIPAC.

It is refreshing to hear of Congressional support for the Jewish homeland.  Here is a veteran from Florida who is running for Congress.  Listen to what he has to say, then let’s pray that men like him are elected and that our leadership will stand firm with Israel!

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