8 Principles Regarding Israel and Her Land

Hi friends!  I hope you are enjoying our look into Zionism and Israel’s right to her land.  If you have missed the previous few posts, I encourage you to go back and pick up those details as time permits.

Today, I want to glean fully from information found on the website of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  They have clearly stated 8 principles regarding Israel and Her land.  I agree with them and want to pass them along.

  1. We wish to confirm that the land of Canaan is the everlasting possession of the Jewish people. No other people have a Biblical rights to the land. It belongs to the Jewish people by divine covenant. Nevertheless Israel’s right of domicile is dependent on her reconciled relationship with her God.  According to Ezekiel 36:24-28, only a nation anointed by the spirit of God affords her the right to dwell in the land. That day is coming, albeit through a process of affliction.
  2. Given that the Jewish people have returned to Israel a secular people, correction and judgment are to be expected. Remember, domicile is conditional upon Israel’s reconciled relationship with her God. It is naive for Christians to stand on God’s Word concerning all the land bequeathed to her when she remains unfaithful to God. Land shrinkage is God’s doing since He is determined to correct and save her.
  3. However, since God in H I s Word has only promised two exiles and two returns and since these have already taken place, He is now determined to save her through affliction. She will not be exiled again!
  4. If Israel is therefore going to lose land, both not be amazed at this. Rather embrace your responsibility to pray for her righteousness and salvation, knowing these alone will secure her domicile upon all of the land bequeathed to her. God has promised to save her.
  5. God’s process of dealing with Israel does not legitimize those rd like the PLO, Hamas, etc who are actively working for Israel’s destruction. We speak out against this evil and we must stand against every form of anti-Semitism. We must warn our nation’s not to be part of any scheme to divide the land!
  6. Judgment and correction are divine prerogatives. We must stand with Zion, help her, defend her and speak out on her behalf.
  7. If God should allow that further parts of the land of Israel be relinquished, we fully understand the sorrow it will bring for many settlers who will be uprooted. We pray for them and do our utmost to comfort, support them and give them hope.
  8. We must recognize that a great visitation of God is also coming to the Arab world. The Word of God promises a great revival among the neighboring countries of Israel.

Dear friends, understanding God’s dealings with Israel should lead us to pray appropriately for her. Be a faithful warrior in this endeavor. It will bless Israel, and you will be blessed as well!

(Principles taken from https://int.icej.org/media/biblical-stand-Zionism-ii)

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