God is Speaking!


Fellow believers, have you joined Anne Graham Lotz “God Speaking 888?”  Anne is leading us through 8 hours (1 hour/day), for 8 days, during the 8th month in concentrated focus on hearing God speak.

May I ask a personal question: When is the last time you sat down with God’s Word and just read?  For some of you, it happens daily!  For some, you have run into busy days and have put it off for a while.  For some, it has been years since you really got into God’s Word, and for others you have never really been in it.

Now, pardon me if I step on toes.  How many hours, during the past twenty-four, did you spend watching TV?  Playing video games?  Hanging out on Facebook or other social media platforms?  How many hours were wiled away doing nothing of significant value?

Dear friend, God is speaking…and He longs for you to hear Him!  He longs for you to draw near!  Are you at that place of hearing His still small voice?  Do you feel the warmth of His embrace?  If not, get into His Word!

Monday (August 1, 2016) was the first of 8 days in which Anne Graham Lotz is challenging us to tune into God’s Word.  If you are already behind, grace abounds!  If you don’t have an hour a day, grace abounds!  If you don’t feel “worthy” of being in His presence, grace abounds!  The God of all mercy and grace is waiting (indeed, longing) to speak to you, and whether for 5 minutes or an hour, He invites your presence with Him!  String it out over many days…there is nothing sacred about only 8 days!  The key thing is: do it!

Click here to join Anne Graham Lotz as she leads us in these eight days of hearing God speak!  You will be blessed…and God’s Word never returns void!  Blessings my friends!

PS: For you hard-core prayer warriors, don’t forget that this is first Wednesday!  Check out yesterday’s For Zion’s Sake info on this month’s prayer focus.


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