Saturday Morning Sessions at ICEJ’s Summer Conference 2016

Saturday morning of the Summer Conference started off big!  Perhaps a little known fact about ICEJ is that they minister not only to Israel and the Jewish people, but to other people groups in the region as well.

We were incredibly blessed to hear from Juliana Taimaroozy, an Iranian/Assyrian Christian, and founder of Iraqi Christian Relief Council.  It is impossible for me to describe the impact of her ministry.  Sadly, the Christian world is either unaware or uncaring of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East (particularly at the hands of ISIS), and we saw and heard the evidence of that.  Juliana herself was smuggled out of Iran and is now a very strong advocate for persecuted Christians in the area.

In 2003, there were 1.6 million Assyrian Christians living in the area of northern Iran/Iraq and eastern Syria.  Today, there are less than 200,000.  Many have fled, but many more have been executed.  All this, right in front of the eyes of the world.  Yet so little is being done about it.  In fact, Christians are being mocked by Islamist, saying, “Where are the Christians?  They don’t care that hundreds of thousands of their own are being persecuted and killed.  What’s to stop us?”

My dear friends, Christians turned a blind eye to the genocide that became known as the holocaust.  We later vowed to always stand with the Jews and other groups under genocidal attack.  Yet today, we are weak in our response to the brutality that is taking place with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East.  Here at the conference, we were challenged by a documentary released in 2015 entitled “Sing a Little Louder.”  It is dramatic, but I’m going to  cut this post short to encourage you to take 10 minutes to watch the video and be challenged (as we were) not to fall into the same trap.  (You may be tempted to stop watching around the 8:40 mark.  I encourage you to press on to the 10:35 mark.)

Will you pray?  Will you provide financial assistance to help persecuted Christians?  (You may do so here.)  Will you actively take a stand against persecution?  What will you do?  I encourage you to do what you can for Christian brothers and sisters who face challenges you and I have never imagined.

Thanks for praying…and thanks for stopping by.  If time allows, I’ll share more from the exciting Summer Conference later.

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