An End Times Message from Amir Tsarfati

Hi friends!  As I continue to study and write new material, I am reminded of one of the core tenets I believe God has called me to proclaim: time is short and our Lord Jesus Christ could return at any time.  We don’t know the day or the hour (Matthew 24:36-41, Matthew 25:13,  Mark 13-28-36, Luke 12:46), but we are exhorted to know and understand the season in which we live (Matthew 24:32-35, Luke 12: 54-56).

As believers, it is not enough to go to church or to give to the poor or to do good things.  We must live lives in preparation of the day when our Lord returns.

I recently re-visited a radio interview Amir Tsarfati did earlier this year entitled, 2016: A Year of Tribulation, in which Amir revealed signs of the times and, as followers of Jesus Christ, how to be ready in this “final hour.”

It is an hour long and I hope you will carve out time to hear it.  If not, however, please tune in to the last 20 minutes or so as Amir discusses six key things…including “looking for the Blessed Hope”…that we must do in order to truly be ready for the return of our Lord.  I believe he is dead on!  Enjoy the broadcast:

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