A Milestone Reached…and Change is Coming!

Hi gang!  Today is a milestone, but it is also time for a change.  Let me explain…

This post marks my 1,000th!  Hard to believe that what was launched with the simple intent of sharing pictures from Israel with friends back home has turned into a daily blog.  My love for the land and the people of Israel runs deep and it is such a joy to share information and insights regarding all things Israel!  Here have been some of the most popular posts and topics:

  • Looking for the Blessed Hope Bible study.  Having taught the Bible study live many times, I was often asked, “How can I share this with my friend in another city or state?”  Thus, several months ago I posted it all on my blog, making it available at no cost to friends and family around the globe!  You will find links to it on the left sidebar, and you may proceed at your own pace!  The study has blessed hundreds, and I pray it blesses you as well.
  • Based on statistics since the very beginning of this endeavor (February 2014), by far the most popular topic has been ISIS.  However, various prayer initiatives have drawn a lot of attention also. (See 2016: A Year of Prayer)  Praise God for believers who are committed to prayer!
  • Jesus Christ: Light of the World has been the most shared post over the past year, while many folks seem to return often to Roadmap of End Timesperhaps as a resource to envision the chronology of end time events.
  • By far, In Search of the One True God and Fig Trees and Generations generate the most discussion (both live in Bible study, as well as online via my blog)!
  • The Passion behind the Project is viewed every week, hopefully by new people hoping to understand what the blog is about.

Visitors from over 150 countries have stopped by, and friends from Canada, Australia, UK, the Philippines, Guatemala, South Africa, and Singapore visit more often than any other country besides the US.  6:00am is the most active hour and Tuesday is the most active day on the blog.

Those are some of the highlights, but I also want to alert you to a change.  While I greatly enjoy researching, writing, and simply sharing thoughts with you daily, the Lord has a slightly different path for me for now.  Not only has interest waned greatly over the past several weeks (as evident by the sharp decline in visitors to the blog), but I have begun writing a second Bible study that I hope will bless and encourage others.  Thus, because my focus, time, and energy must now be directed there, I will not be writing and posting daily.

But don’t worry…it’s not going away!  I am not shutting it down entirely!  I will continue posting once or twice a week, as time allows and as pertinent subject matter comes about.  I hope you will check in occasionally to catch the latest.  Also, if you are following along with my posts/prayers for the Decision America Tour, continue to stop by.  I will continue writing and posting those prayer aids.

Finally, a great big “Thank you!” to all of you!  You are my inspiration to continue writing and sharing Biblical truth about Israel.  God has called me to be a “watchman on the wall,” and I cannot imagine ignoring that call!  Thanks for following and I pray you are blessed.  Please continue to stop by…and if it blesses you, invite others to do likewise!

3 thoughts on “A Milestone Reached…and Change is Coming!

  1. Alina Freyre

    We are sure going to miss you!
    May our Precious Lord guide you as He has ….
    I will sure be waiting to follow you and pray for you!
    I don t think we will meet here in this dispensation, but surely will be looking forward to meet right beside the Throne!!!
    Thank you so much for every word witten, it has been, and will continue to be a great Blessing.
    May God reafirm your steps…

    1. Thank you Alina! I so greatly appreciate your prayers and your words of encouragement. Yes, one day we will meet in the presence of the Lord, and will rejoice together! Meanwhile, LFTBH isn’t going away…just appearing less often! As always, thanks for following!

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