2016: A Year of Prayer

Do you set New Year’s resolutions?  I’m not opposed to them, but I have never been a “resolution person” myself.  For many years, though, it seems the Lord has given me a single word (or phrase) that morphs into a theme for the year.  Not ironically, the year is then filled with relevant Scripture passages that jump off the page at me! The Lord is so faithful to “put meat on the bones” of whatever word/phrase He places on my heart and mind.

For a while I have sensed the Lord impressing “prayer” upon me, and I suspect that will be my word of the year in 2016!  I look forward to it, but I also believe that next year’s word is not meant for my privacy!  I have a sense that His call to me is to exhort others to prayer as well. So, I’m launching that effort now!

I am aware of many prayer initiatives that I believe are on target and certainly worthy of our participation.  We have no idea what all 2016 will bring.  However, we know for certain that we will elect a new president.  Lord knows we need wisdom as we go to the polls.  We also know that the world is a mess.  Short of God’s grace and our obedience to His command to stand firm, we will slide into deeper depths of depravity.  We will all face personal challenges of some sort, and we all need the strength and wisdom only God can give to make it through those challenges.

So, here are a few prayer opportunities in which I encourage you to join:

  • Anne Graham Lotz’s 1-1-1 Preprayer for the New Year.  Anne’s passion is “to lead God’s people in a desperate prayer for help before we plunge past the point of no return into the abyss of God’s judgment.” As believers, we all sense Anne’s urgency to prepare in prayer (“preprayer”) for the new year.  Please click the link above and sign up for the one-time email that will lead us all in prayer on January 1.  It’s a short assignment…you can do this!
  • Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour 2016.  The son of Billy Graham (and Anne Graham Lotz’s brother), Franklin, is also burdened for our country.  Prior to the elections of 2016, Franklin Graham will conduct a prayer rally at every state capital building, encouraging Christians to live out their faith in everyday life (including at the ballot box).  Click the link above to find out when Franklin will be in your state, then JOIN him!
  • Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative.  This is my favorite!  As part of a worldwide prayer effort, Calvary Community Church (Phoenix AZ) is hosting a local Isaiah 62 prayer group the first Wednesday of every month (at 6:00pm).  Launched by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative is designed to draw Christians from around the world to pray according to Isaiah 62:6-7.  (Go ahead…check out those verses!  You might be surprised at what we are encouraged to do!)  If you are in the Phoenix area, please click the link above and join us as we pray.  (If you are not in the Phoenix area, click here to pledge to pray, and to obtain prayer points each month.)

Opportunities abound and I’ve only scratched the surface here.  The key is individual commitment, but also to find ways to join other believers in earnest prayer.  Our world needs it more than ever.  Will you step up and join the chorus of prayer that rises like a sweet aroma to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Perhaps “prayer” will be your word of the year as well.  Meet you at the foot of the cross throughout 2016!

Shalom…and Happy New Year!

PS: Will you do two things to greatly encourage us all?

  1. Let me know how and where you are participating!  Not only would I love to hear your story, but seeing all the countries represented will be a blessing and an encouragement to us all. (Just click the “Leave a Comment” link below.)
  2. Let’s get others involved…invite them to join in!  (To forward or share this post, click on the title of today’s post, then scroll to the bottom to find “share” buttons!  You can forward as an email, Facebook it, Google+, or any number of other things!)

4 thoughts on “2016: A Year of Prayer

  1. Ken Steger says:

    thank you for all the news and encouragments …just a simple reguest ,
    I have a bit of trouble trying to read these messages because , for me the print is so light that I have to squint and lean forward sometimes …
    can you help ?

    • Shalom! I checked my options and made a few minor formatting changes. However, I’m sorry, but I don’t find an option that will allow me to make text darker. Are you referring to the text in the body of the post, or on the sidebar?

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