CIA Director John Brennan on “60 Minutes” to Discuss ISIS

CIA Director John Brennan recently sat down with Scott Pelley to do an interview that will appear tonight on “60 Minutes.”  It will be interesting to hear whether or not Mr Brennan is willing to discuss the apocalyptic motives of ISIS, or if he is willing to define the threat as radical Islam.  To date, the Obama administration has refused to clearly define the enemy and, as such, has not developed a viable plan to defeat the undefined enemy.

According to preliminary reports, Brennan will discuss the fact that US intelligence believes ISIS has rudimentary elements necessary to develop weapons of mass destruction.  It has long been thought by many that ISIS is striving desperately to acquire chemicals weapons to employ in their arsenal.

Apocalyptic Islam is driven by endtime eschatology that a Muslim messiah will soon arrive to set up a worldwide caliphate.  Both ISIS and radical leaders in Iran believe a form of that eschatology, though they differ in the means and manner.  The common belief for each, though, includes mass destruction and killing of “infidels” in preparation for the appearing of the Mahdi (Muslim messiah).  Thus, it is important to understand that those regimes are driven by radical religious beliefs, making diplomacy impossible.  After all, how does one negotiate with regimes who believe their calling by Allah is to destroy all nations and people groups who do not believe as they do?  America walks a dangerous path in failing to understand the nature of evil.

It will be interesting to hear whether or not our CIA Director identifies and calls it what it is.  Tune in to CBS tonight for the full interview, but for now, click here for a brief clip.


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