Our Captain’s Command: Prayers and Blessings

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When you’re sailing the high seas and encounter a storm, it is good to sail with a seasoned captain who knows how to navigate them!  Well, mates, if end time events are not stormy, I don’t know what is!  Aren’t you glad we have a Captain with all knowledge and wisdom!  He rules the stormy seas that lie ahead and He instructs us how to navigate them.  So, let’s heed His instruction!

Part of that instruction pertains to Israel.  He clearly instructs us in His Word to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122).  Let’s get into step with our Captain!  Indeed, God promises blessings to those who bless Israel and curses to those who curse Israel.  How do we do that?  Here are some ways:

  • Fast for the nation of Israel. The book of Esther is a great example for us!  By supernatural circumstances, Esther, a Jew, became the queen of Persia (modern-day Iran).  An evil man, Haman, coerced the king into invoking an edict to destroy every Jew everywhere.  Thus, Esther called for a fast in order to cry out to the Lord for favor and to save her people.  She was covered by the fasting of Jewish people as she petitioned her husband, the king, to save her people.  As a result, the Israelites were spared and Haman himself was hanged on the gallows he built to hang Jews!  Dear believers, we need to close our mouths and petition the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on behalf of the Jews for mercy!
  • Go to Israel. If you can get there…go!  Not only will you be changed forever, but it will also bless Israel.  Tourism is a significant part of Israeli economy, so there is practicality in going to Israel to bless them.  However, it also demonstrates to Israelis that you support them, you are interested in them and their nation, and that they are not alone.  It is an encouragement to them for American Christians to visit the land of Jesus.  And I didn’t even mention the blessing it will be to you!
  • Build relationships with Jewish people. There are more Jews in America than any other country in the world, other than Israel.  It is an encouragement to Jewish people to know that others support them.  However, relationships also build trust that may enable you to share with Jewish friends about the Messiah.  (Develop the relationship first!)  Read Romans 11:11-14 to discover God’s design for our relationship with the Jews!
  • Study and teach others what God’s Word says about end times. We are living in the Church Age, the time of the Gentiles.  But the time of the Jews will come again after the rapture.  During the tribulation, they will recognize the time of the Jews.  But why not share with anyone who will listen?  Awareness is a benefit to the Jews, and is essential for them to recognize Jesus as Messiah!  They could avoid the tribulation, just as believers will!
  • Join forces with ministries who reach out to Israel. Israel has its fair share of those in need.  From holocaust survivors, to orphans, to war-stricken citizens, to military personnel (who are given only the uniform on their back) and beyond, there are needs.  They also must be constantly prepared for war or terrorist attacks.  Ministries such as The Joshua Fund, International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem and many others reach out to those in need.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Everyone can do this…and it is commanded!  (Psalm 122).  Peace is hard to come by in the Middle East, and I believe prayer is one way we “partner” in the Lord’s work there.  I am also convinced that the Prince of Peace is the only source of peace, so we need to pray for the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  The Prince of Peace resides in hearts, not in a physical city, so pray for salvation!  By the way, don’t forget to pray for Israel’s enemies.    God loves them every bit as much as He loves you and me.  If Israel’s enemies are at peace, Israel will be at peace.

In this study, we are developing a habit of praying for the peace of Jerusalem.  Will you join us in making it a consistent part of your daily prayer?

Nice work this week, fellow sojourners!  We’ll dive into our next week’s study tomorrow, so stay tuned for “Seventy Sevens and the Prophetic Pause!”  Blessings!

One thought on “Our Captain’s Command: Prayers and Blessings

  1. Tara

    Thank you for the encouragement to pray for peace, and the truth that it is through Jesus delivering souls to His kingdom.

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