Israeli Air Force Hits Syrian Targets; IDF Thwarts Terror Attempt; Israel One of First to Assist Nepal

It was a relatively eventful weekend in Israel as they launched an airstrike near Damascus Syria, thwarted a terrorist attempt on the Golan Heights, and offered assistance and aid to victims of the Nepal earthquake.

It is believed that the IAF (Israel Air Force) bombed strategic military sites preparing to ship long-range missiles from Damascus to Hezbollah.  Some claim that the targets consisted of Syrian scud missiles, undoubtedly to be aimed at Israel if allowed to be handed over to Hezbollah.

This is not the first time Israel has successfully targeted weapons systems in Syria en route to Iranian-backed Hezbollah. Though Israel has declared they will not become involved in the Syrian civil war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to stand by his promise that Israel will do what is required to prevent terror attacks in Israel.

Meanwhile, on the Golan Heights, 4 terrorists were killed while attempting to set off explosive devices aimed at IDF soldiers.  No Israelis were harmed in the action.

Finally, around the world, hearts are heavy for the disastrous 7.9 earthquake that shook Nepal.  Often one of the first nations to respond with assistance is Israel, and such was the case this time as well.  They immediately sent rescue delegations, including paramedics and search and rescue personnel.  Already, a plane load of wounded has landed in Israel for medical treatment.

The Bible tells us that, in the last days, nations will turn against Israel, there will be wars and rumors of wars, and there will be great earthquakes.  We’ve seen that just this weekend!  We’re living in a season in which Jesus could return at any moment!  Are we ready for His coming?

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