Be One of 6 Million Who Say: I Stand with Israel!

Friends, I want to speak personally to you today.  The people of Israel just observed Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I hope you carved out a moment or two to reflect on the tragedy of 6+ million Jews (1.5 million of them children) systematically murdered by the Nazi regime during WW2.  The holocaust was an abomination, and today some have the audacity to deny the holocaust.  Unfortunately, Christians either took part in the murder of Jews or often stood on the sidelines doing nothing.

However, there were some Christians, called “Righteous Gentiles” by the Jews, who risked their lives to help rescue Jews from persecution and murder.  They are heroes.

Today, we need heroes.  We need Christians who will stand up for Jews and others who are being persecuted for their faith.  Genocide is taking place across much of the Middle East as the Syrian regime is killing their own citizens, ISIS is purging much of Iraq, Boko Haram is killing people in North Africa, and small countries such as Yemen are being overrun by these same tyrants.  Geographically, it is somewhat different, as we are not “on-site” to help rescue those in harms way.  However, as followers of Jesus Christ, we serve the God of the Universe for whom nothing is impossible, and who yearns for us to be about the Father’s business.  We can’t simply sit back while not remembering those who died, those who helped save lives, and those whose lives are in danger today.

Absolutely, we can pray…and please do.  But, we can take a different step as well. Will you take 30 minutes to be educated on the reality of the holocaust, and hear the stories of how other Jesus followers responded to the desperate need of the Jews?  (Appearing: Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Gen Yossi Peled, and others.)  Then, perhaps you will want to add your name as one of 6 million who pledge to stand with the Jews.  (One for every Jew who was murdered in the holocaust.)

If you are interested in expressing support for the Jewish people, please go to 6, where you will find information, including a very informative video called I Will Not Forget (scroll down to find it), and have an opportunity to become one of 6 million who remember the darkness but are light for the Jews.  I fully previewed the site and the video and, though it introduces the new Friends of Zion museum in Israel, nowhere does it ask for money or suggest a donation. It is safe!

Christian friends, let’s be heroes.  I love Israel, and I am one of 6 million….will you join me?  Also, will you forward the link to this post to others and encourage them to stand with Israel as well?

Thanks for following along.  Shalom!

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