Netanyahu Answers Obama’s Challenge to Present Alternatives to Iranian Nuclear Deal

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: “Death to America!”

Yet, despite that repeated threat, our President and our Secretary of State continue to press aggressively toward conclusion of a nuclear deal with Iran.  On more than one occasion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced concern over the deal, and on multiple occasions the US administration has alleged that the Prime Minister has provided no alternatives to the current framework deal reached with Iran in early-April.  Alternatives provided to the President have fallen on deaf ears, and following his cabinet meeting on Sunday morning, Netanyahu addressed that issue once again in two brief minutes.  Here are Netanyahu’s alternatives:

Believers, we must continue to pray that these two world leaders, supposedly key allies, be of like mind as our nations face increasingly larger foreign policy challenges.  If the battle is lost on Middle Eastern soil, Iran will most certainly set their sights on America…to fulfill the “Death to America” vow.  Furthermore, Scripture warns of curses upon those who curse Israel.  May we stand on the right side of blessings and curses.  We must stand strong with Israel.  I’m believing God can bring revival to our land if we are faithful to pray.  Let’s be the remnant that sparks that revival!

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