Mystery of the Holocaust Revealed

Today, I want to share a chilling piece about the holocaust.  As most of us know, millions of Jews (many of them children) were killed in the holocaust while the world seemingly sat idly by.  Why…and was there anything that could have been done?

I ran across the following video, in which a young woman eloquently presents details (from an American perspective) about the holocaust that are well worth hearing.  Contemplate them…and ask yourself, “Are we turning the same blind eye and deaf ear to the plight of the Jews today?”  Most certainly, Jews are not currently being sent to concentration camps and gas chambers.  However, an Iranian regime is threatening to wipe them off the map.  Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups are chomping at the bit to be provided the weaponry to fulfill that death call.  Rogue terrorists are blowing them up in magazine offices and supermarkets in Europe.  Perhaps we are wise to avoid the same lame mindset that this young woman so clearly defines.

Enjoy the video…and contemplate its message:

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