Hamas, Islamic Jihad Praise Terror Attack and Threaten Third Intifada

On Wednesday, a 20-year-old Palestinian man with a history of terror activity against Israelis, rammed his car into a crowd at a light rail stop in Jerusalem, killing a 3-year-old American-Israeli citizen and wounding several others.  The man died of his injuries just a few hours later.  The terrorist previously served prison time for throwing bombs at cars in Israel, and for stealing a vehicle.  In addition, the man’s brother was recently arrested by the IDF.

Meanwhile, Hamas and Islamic Jihad salute the attack and are threatening a third intifada.  According to the Jerusalem Post, a senior Hamas spokesperson said:

“The attack in Jerusalem is an act of heroism and a natural response to the crimes of the occupation against our people and our holy places.”  (Mushir al-Masri)

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are pressuring the Palestinian Authority to “halt its security coordination with Israel and to act in resistance in the West Bank.”  Could these developments trigger a third Palestinian intifada (uprising) in Jerusalem?  Only time will tell.

On a different note, The Times of Israel is reporting that Hamas has set up shop in Turkey, moving their second command center from Damascus to Istanbul.  (The other is in the Gaza Strip.)  Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas’s representative in Turkey, commands terror operations, including the attempted coup this summer against the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas (which Israeli intelligence prevented).  Arouri also admitted Hamas’s responsibility in the June kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Once a faithful ally to Israel, Turkey has turned strongly against the Jewish state since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took office.  Only two months ago, in reference to Operation Protective Edge, Erdogan accused Israel of being “more barbaric than Hitler.”

Birth pangs continue, warning us that the last days are upon us.  Terror outbreaks in Jerusalem and Ottawa this week remind us that evil is very present in our world today.  Evil is not curtailed by better government (though we could certainly use that!)  Evil is not curtailed by better social programs (though we could use that too!)  The only way evil is curtailed is to realize this is a spiritual battle.  It is a battle of ideologies…a battle between the truth of God’s Word and the lies of Satan.  In the Islamic ideology, jihad is the lie of Satan, and it doesn’t work.  Only when the One True God of peace, forgiveness, and love reigns in the hearts of people, will evil be curtailed.  Join me in praying for unprecedented revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Middle East and around the world.


One thought on “Hamas, Islamic Jihad Praise Terror Attack and Threaten Third Intifada

  1. Alina says:

    Yes, as I John 5.19 says: And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness. Blessings!

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