Turkey Elects Erdogan; Israel Tests Tunnel Detection System

Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Minister, has now become Turkey’s first directly elected President.  This does not bode well for Israel, or for US interests in the Middle East.  Once one of Israel’s trusted allies in the Middle East (and a military partner of both Israel and the US), Turkey has very rapidly and very intentionally turned away from Israel to embrace Islam during Erdogan’s stint as Prime Minister.  What does the future hold with Erdogan in a position of greater power?

Ezekiel 38 describes a coalition of nations who, in the last days, will invade Israel from the north.  Ezekiel “names names” in chapter 38, and among them are places like Gomer and Beth-togarmah…very likely portions of modern-day Turkey.  Could we be seeing signs of Ezekiel 38?

Friends, it is important to understand the signs of the times, and it seems prudent that we should keep our eyes on Turkey and other Middle East countries, while studying what God’s Word says will happen in the last days.

Meanwhile, those of you who watched The Beginning of the End may recall Amir Tsarfati’s reference to a new tunnel detection system being developed in Israel.  Well, word is that Israel is now testing that system and may soon have the ability to detect terror tunnels being dug into Israel, by detecting excavation and ground movement beneath the surface.  The ingenuity and resourcefulness of Israelis is amazing!

Finally, it appears the 72-hour ceasefire is holding.  However, Hamas has indicated that, if their demands are not met, peace will not come.  Stay tuned….the conflict in Gaza is far from over!

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