Israeli Volunteer Killed at Gaza Border; Iranian Nuclear Talks Likely to Extend

A 37-year-old Israeli civilian volunteer has become the first Israeli casualty of the 2014 Gaza conflict.  He and another man were delivering food to Israeli soldiers gathered at the Erez border crossing when he was hit by mortar shrapnel.  Medics responded immediately and the man was quickly transferred to a hospital in Ashkelon, where he was pronounced dead.

The man was part of a group who had collected food for three days in order to “cheer up” soldiers at the border.  Friends described him as “a person with a huge soul, the biggest heart I’ve ever seen, and is endlessly giving. You would always see him at the gate, volunteering to guard, or helping bring chairs for a neighbor’s event, or running to help those in need.”

Friends, will you take a moment to pray for this man’s wife and three young children?  May the Christ-likeness of this man be testimony of the Messiah, and may this family have spiritual eyes to see and believe that Yeshua is indeed the Messiah.

Meanwhile, with one eye on Israel, keep the other eye on Vienna, Austria, where world powers (US, Great Britain, and Germany) are gathered with officials from Iran to negotiate an agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  Russia and China, two other members of the international negotiation team (G-5), are noticeably absent.

The issue is that Iran has 19,000 centrifuges and multiple other facilities, together capable of building a nuclear weapon.  Iran has long denied the International Atomic Energy Agency access to inspections, but insists that its nuclear energy program is for peaceful purposes only.  Many world leaders are suspicious of that.

Thus, because Iran refused to abide by agreements regarding its nuclear program, economic sanctions were levied against Iran.  Now, negotiations are being held to determine what standards Iran will live by in terms of preventing them from obtaining nuclear weapons capability.  Russia and China have routinely supported Iran’s nuclear endeavors.  In fact, Russia has played a major role in construction of nuclear facilities, and increased knowledge of nuclear capability.

The absence of Russia and China from these meetings signals two things: 1.) their lack of confidence that anything will be settled by the deadline (I don’t think it will either!), and 2.) they are confident that the “sanctions” levied on Iran are not worth fighting for (because they won’t be that serious).  In my mind, that says volumes.  Anticipate that Iran will escape with their nuclear program intact, and sanctions lessened…all of which means bigger trouble on the horizon, not only for Israel (“Little Satan”), but for the United States (“Great Satan”).

Remain diligent in prayer, dear friends!

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