Conflict in Gaza: What Does it Take to End It?

I don’t know about you, my friends, but I am burdened to pray for God’s mercy, and for many to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…the Blessed Hope!  As Hamas continues firing rockets, and Israel continues military action to take out terrorist targets, there are thousands of innocent Palestinian and Israeli citizens with virtually nowhere to go to escape the terror.  As I shared previously, I truly believe that many descendants of Abraham…both Jews and Arabs (including Palestinians)…are seeking the One True God.  Let’s pray that the circumstances in and around Gaza and Israel will draw seekers to the One True God!

On the military front, rockets were fired today from Lebanon (north of Israel) into bordering towns in the north.  Thus, missiles have now been fired from two fronts.  Below, Israel is seen in white, and Lebanon in orange.  The Gaza Strip is the tiny green-colored strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea, just north of the Sinai Peninsula.

The terrorist group, Hezbollah, occupies bordering regions in Lebanon and has been known to fire indiscriminately into Israel.  Fortunately, the Lebanese army captured a terrorist believed to have launched the rockets.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues firing rockets into Israel, despite Israeli airstrikes on rocket-launching sites and other terrorist sites.  Not only has Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas not condemned the rocket attacks on Israel, but the military wing of his own political party, Fatah, has also taken responsibility for some of the rockets fired.

Abbas is, instead, calling Israel’s attacks “genocide,” claiming that Israeli attacks are meant to extinguish the Palestinian people.  That’s a stretch, given that Israel is giving very clear warning to Palestinian citizens to clear out of specific terrorist areas in which Israel plans to attack.  Israel also continues to send humanitarian goods into Gaza, and they treat sick and wounded Palestinians in Israeli hospitals.  Nonetheless, Israel will undoubtedly find herself before the UN’s International War Crimes Tribunal on charges of war crimes soon.

So what does it take for all this to end?  Israel has clearly stated the objective: to protect its citizens against the rocket attacks from inside Gaza.  Israel has committed to stop military action against terrorist sites when terrorist stop firing rockets into Israel.  Israel was not the instigator in the conflict.  Palestinians (primarily Hamas) initiated rocket attacks several weeks ago, and could end it all by ceasing to fire more rockets at Israeli citizens.

Our prayers are vital, dear saints.  Please pray for:

  • Wisdom for all leaders throughout the Middle East.
  • Supernatural protection for the innocent citizens of Israel and Gaza.
  • The God of Abraham to reveal Himself as Lord, and for all to see Him clearly.
  • The Prince of Peace to bring peace to the region.

Thanks for stopping by….and thanks for committing yourself to prayer.

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