Israeli Friends Run to Bomb Shelters

I got word from friends in Israel this morning that they were forced to run for cover in a bomb shelter as red alert sirens went off in Jerusalem.  The cities and villages in southern Israel have been fired at over 200 times since July 1, but now rockets are being launched toward Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel’s two largest and most influential cities.

(Photo credit: Jerusalem Post)

In broken English, I received this urgent request for prayer:

Alarm took off last night we run with our 2 babies and our friend to a bomb shelter with our neighbors in a small bomb shelter … we praying protection of ADONAI
Please join us in prayer for Israel  with your congregation.
Friends, will you please heed the pleas of these dear friends?  Will you pray for the protection only ADONAI can bring?  (Jews don’t pronounce YHWH, the sacred name of God.  They use Adonai.)  This dear family operates The Jerusalem Prayer Tower, offering up consistent prayer and worship to the Holy One of Israel.  Their twin daughters were born in February and are already getting their introduction to terror.
Meanwhile, Israel has launched Operation Protective Edge in response to the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel.  As has become the norm, the international community (including Israel’s Mid East peace partner, Jordan) is condemning Israel’s military action.  It never ceases to amaze me that, regardless of the antagonism, terror, and aggression Israel’s enemies display, it is not okay for them to defend themselves!
For great pictures and more news, click here.
At whatever cost, believers, stand with Israel!  Not because they are perfect or always right, but because God has promised to bless those who bless Israel (Genesis 12:3), and His hand is upon that land!  Also, pray for Israel’s enemies and neighbors.  Not everyone in the Middle East is militant, and many are seeking the one true God.  Many are prisoners of war…prisoners of a spiritual war.  Pray for their protection, and that the Lord will use these events to draw them to Himself.  For enlightenment, and a challenge to pray in ways you never thought possible, take a few moments to read In Search of the One True God.
Be blessed, my friends!  Thanks for stopping by!

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