Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

How do I describe Yad Vashem? More importantly, how do I describe what Yad Vashem memorializes? Pictures are not allowed inside the museum, and I don’t have words to express what it is like to see, hear and experience Yad Vashem.

The rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich brought about the ideology of extermination of “inferior races” and people groups. In an evil attempt to rule the world, Hitler and his regime set in motion a plan to eliminate all Jews, and 6 MILLION were killed in the Holocaust. Yad Vashem chronicles the atrocities via artifacts, actual footage, eye witness accounts of survivors and those who purposed to help the Jews.

As examples of what we saw, imagine seeing actual footage of bulldozers shoving huge piles of starved, dead, naked bodies into mass graves. Imagine hearing testimony of a survivor recounting how he stood in a pit, on top of hundreds of dead bodies while looking up the barrel of a Nazi rifle. Shots rang out, but somehow he survived but had to dig his way out from underneath dozens of other bodies shot afterward and landing on top of him. Imagine seeing miniature models of concentration camps, gas chambers, and rail cars jammed with Jewish people being led to slaughter. Imagine being a mere child forced to clean out the dead bodies from a gas chamber so your family members could be put in next.

Why am I telling you this? Because we need to know for two reasons. First, we should NEVER forget what God’s chosen people have endured at the hands of evil, simply because evil cannot stand acknowledgement of One True God! Secondly, almost 10X as many pre-born babies have been murdered in the holocaust of abortion in the US, and just as in the Jewish Holocaust, most are standing around doing not one thing about it!

On the grounds of Yad Vashem are several other memorials. One is the Hall of Remembrance, paying tribute to the 6 million victims. In the picture below, you see a grave representing the 6 million, the names of all the death camps (on the floor), and the eternal flame of remembrance.


Also on the grounds is a children’s memorial to the 1.5 million children who died. Inside the dark memorial building is a single candle reflected infinite times off of mirrors, so that it looks like innumerable stars. Interestingly enough, God promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars!

Just outside the children’s memorial is a statue of a pediatrician who harbored Jewish children orphaned in the war. Eventually the Nazis came for the children, but this Gentile man would not give them up, stating that he would go with them if he must…and he did, to his death. Here’s the commemorative statue of that man embracing the children:


But, the Jews are hardy people who do not give up in the face of extreme tragedy, and they know the promises of their God! As you leave the museum grounds, you pass under this structure, quoting Ezekiel 37:14:


“I will put My breath into you and you will live again, and I will set you upon your own soil.”

Amen and amen!

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