Jesus on Trial

We ended our day with two keys sites to believers in Jesus Christ. We visited the place believed to be Caiphas, the High Priest’s house. After Jesus was betrayed in the Garden of Gesthemane (which we will see tomorrow), He was taken to Caiphas’s house and illegally put on trial. Because Jewish law made no provision for capital punishment, Caiphas passed the buck to Pontias Pilate and Herodotus. They, too, passed the buck in a way by proclaiming Jesus innocent, yet turning the decision over to the people who shouted “Crucify Him!”

But, before being sent to Pilate and Herodotus, Jesus was imprisoned overnight in a dungeon which was part of the prison at or near Caiphas’ house. This dungeon would have been pitch black, with a hole in the roof through which Jesus was dropped. Here’s that hole…

Related image

In the courtyard of that very place, Peter denied Jesus, and that is commemorated here as well. The statue depicts Peter stating that he doesn’t know Jesus…and the rooster perched overhead.


The next morning, Jesus was likely led along this pathway to appear before Pontius Pilate and King Herod.


We know where this account is going, but stay tuned…I’ll take you to the cross and the Garden Tomb tomorrow!

Baruch v’shalom! (Blessings and peace!)

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