Exploring Israel – Tel Dan

Welcome back, friends...and boker tov! We're headed north of the Galilee area, toward a portion of Israel that has seen its fair share of paganism. Both Old Testament and New Testament accounts of idol worship and creatures of the abyss were set in the northern reaches of Israel. Again, our Bibles come alive and we …

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Northern Cities and Their Pagan History

Well gang, while we're up north, I'll show you a couple of places referenced in Scripture: Caesarea Philippi and Tel Dan. Not to be confused with Caesarea by the Sea (which we visited previously), Caesarea Philippi took its name in honor of the Roman emperor, Caesar.  However, Herod's son, Philip, was governor of the region …

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Altar to False Gods at Tel Dan

Today, I'll share a bit about one of Israel's saddest days. After King Solomon, the land of Israel was divided into two kingdoms. Because the temple in Jerusalem was in the southern kingdom, it seemed like a good idea to build temples and altars in other places in the north. However, that did nothing but …

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Abraham’s Gate

When Abraham came to Canaan, this is the gate he entered. Notice, it is made of mud and straw, and is not wide enough for chariots. Compare that to the next picture. (This is at Tel Dan in northern Israel.)