81-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Runs for Mental Strength to Continue Telling His Story

Romanian-born Nat Shaffir’s world turned upside down when he was 5 when a neighborhood priest showed up with police and announced “These are Jews!”  Immediately Nat’s family was moved to a Jewish ghetto and, eventually, over 30 family members perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Today, the 81-year-old volunteers at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, telling his story.  Where does he get the stamina to re-live those horrible days?  He runs 6 miles per day.

His story was told on the CBS Evening News.  Check it out here:

It is believed that fewer than 100,000 Holocaust survivors remain, and many of them, both in Israel and elsewhere, live in poverty.  Nat is, in a sense, living comfortably and enjoying what he loves.  Such is not the case for most.  Why not take some time right now to pray for Holocaust survivors, asking the Lord to fill their final days with peace and joy they may never have felt before.

Blessings everyone!