Key Questions Regarding Israel Answered!

Hi friends!  If you follow, you know we have looked at key questions regarding Israel over the past few weeks.  As Christians, it is important for us to understand our relationship to the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

To that end, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – US branch launched a series of videos, less than 90 seconds in length, to help answer some very key questions regarding Israel, and to equip us to stand with Israel.

If you missed some of those videos, I want to make them all available to you here.  Take the time to view them, then support Israel in every way possible.  It’s Biblical!  Enjoy the videos:

Video Answers

Was Israel’s Founding Legal?

Hi friends!  We’re closing out the video series produced by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – US branch, answering key questions regarding Israel.  Today we focus on Israel’s founding.

In 1948, when David Ben Gurion stood before the Israeli delegation to announce Israel’s statehood, an uproar erupted in the Middle East and spread around the world.  Not only was Israel attacked by 5 Arabs nations within 24 hours of statehood, but arguments have been launched that Israel’s founding was illegal.

But, what is the truth?  It is important that we know!  We get that answer in this video, so take 90-seconds to glean the truth, then stand up for Israel!  Enjoy!

Is Israel the Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East?

We’ve all heard it on the news:  “If Israel would only XXX, then there would be peace in the Middle East.”  In that equation, “XXX” typically means to give up land, or stop building in “occupied” territory, or stop apartheid.  Each is a lie.  Israel is not the obstacle to peace in the Middle East!

Find out more about the accusation in the latest 90-second video from, produced by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – US branch.  Enjoy!

Is the UN Unfair to Israel?

Did you know that, during the 2014-2015 General Sessions of the United Nations, Israel was condemned 20 times, while the rest of the world received only 3 condemnations combined?  And those statistics are normal!  Each year, the UN shows disregard for human rights violations by nations such as North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan and other nations that show blatant disregard for the human rights of their citizens.  Meanwhile, fabricated accusations successfully draw condemnation from the UN.

Find out the truth about Israel in today’s 90-second video, produced by the US branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  Enjoy!