God’s Judgment and the Believer’s Position

There is a growing sense of impending doom in America. We are watching the country most of us love and appreciate go right down the proverbial toilet as what I believe to be demonic forces are asserting their way among leaders of our great nation. Most certainly we see it in the political sphere, but …

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Shenanigans at the UN

Hey friends, have you heard what the UN is up to? If you follow me at all, you know I have no regard for the UN...which may as well mean "United Nothing." What began as the League of Nations following WWI to promote international cooperation and peace, turned into the United Nations following WWII. Needless …

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Signs of the Coming Antichrist

Hi everyone! Today I encourage you to catch a very timely message from Pastor Jack Hibbs regarding the coming Antichrist. It is the first of a short series he is teaching in Sunday morning services and I highly recommend it to those interested in what the Bible says about the last days. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/-koZIJhfVJ8

He Who Promised is Faithful

So, friends, we just finished a series on "Signs of the Times," so what a perfect time to remember that, despite all that is going on in the world, He who promised is indeed faithful! Here is 2 minutes of encouragement: https://youtu.be/8JYuzgWfWDk