Unconfirmed Reports: Israel and Saudi Arabia are Close to Normalization Agreements…Will the Saudis join the Abraham Accords?

More breaking news from Israel! Unconfirmed reports indicate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman have been in talks regarding normalization of relations between the two countries. Details are limited at this point, but the news seems to be encouraging to those in the know!

This, of course, is against the Biden administration’s desires, but would be a victory of sorts for evangelicals and those who backed the Trump administration’s excellent work on the Abraham Accords. It would also be a huge feather in the cap of PM Netanyahu.

Please pray for God’s favor in the negotiations, and that parties will come to significant agreements.

Stay tuned…things could get very interesting!

(On a somewhat associated subject, Iran is increasing their presence in Syria, and continues providing Russia with drones to be used in their conflict with Ukraine. Russia, Iran and Turkey are marching toward the coalition talked about in Ezekiel 38, which also indicates Saudi Arabia will sit on the sidelines and not take part in that invasion. The stage is being set right before our eyes!)

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