Who Influenced President Truman’s Decision to Recognize Israel’s Statehood?

In a few days Israel will celebrate her 75th anniversary of statehood! Even in the midst of worldwide chaos and even that in Israel, rest assured the nation of Israel is celebrating!

Though we recognize May 14, 1948 as Israel’s birthday as a nation, Israelis prefer to celebrate the day based on the Hebrew (lunar) calendar. Thus, Yom Ha’aztmaut (Independence Day) will be celebrated beginning at sundown Tuesday, April 25 this year.

As friends of Israel, we commend them on 75 years of independence. They have grown strong and prosperous (though very divided at the moment), and are recognized as a world power. But think back to their beginning. Coming out of the Holocaust, they were weak and frail and the land promised to them lay barren and swamp-infested. Yet, from the dust and swampland, they arose and now thrive.

Within 11 minutes of their declaration of independence, the United States became the first nation to recognize the new Jewish state, and we continue to be Israel’s greatest ally today. But to truly understand the fullness of that fact, one must understand what occurred to make it possible!

Enjoy this 7-minute narrative that will deepen your appreciation of the US commitment to Israel.

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