Reflections from Our Israel Tour: Mudding and Floating in the Dead Sea

One of the most enjoyable events on our Israel tours is mudding and floating in the Dead Sea!

At over 430 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest surface on planet earth. Nestled on the border between Israel and Jordan, water flows into it from the Sea of Galilee to the north. What makes the Dead Sea “dead” is that no water flows out. Thus, the sea is filled with rich minerals considered to be therapeutic. People from all over the world visit the Dead Sea to take advantage of it’s healing attributes.

Because of unusually high quantities of minerals, the viscosity of the Dead Sea is such that it is literally impossible to sink. In fact, a popular right of passage is to float in the Dead Sea with your hands up, proving the impossibility of sinking!

But perhaps the most popular thing to do at the Dead Sea is to “mud up!” Digging up mud and rubbing it all over one’s body causes skin to be a soft as a baby! Thus, men and women alike take advantage of the skin-softening properties of Dead Sea mud!

Watching our group play and frolic like teenagers in the soothing water was a highlight, and everyone came out 10 years younger, with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom! (Who came up with that analogy!?!)

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