Reflections from Our Israel Tour: Sea of Galilee

Hi all! Experiencing Israel always leaves one with plenty of reflection! Regardless whether it is the first trip or the 20th, there is much to ponder, recall, reminisce and share. In the days ahead, I will try to capture some of the reflection from our group.

For me personally, it is such a special treat to share the wonders of Israel with other brothers and sisters. In fact, I just told a friend that I never feel more “alive” than when God graces me with the opportunity to serve Him in that way. But the real reward is in hearing from our guests how impacting the trip was. So, I want to share some of their reflections over the next few days as well.

In hindsight, our journey together was blessed in so many ways, but it got off to a rocky start for some. In fact, due to circumstances beyond their control, one tour guest had to cancel at the very last minute, and one of our international guests ran into a very significant ticketing issue that almost prevented her from going. However, that issue was overcome and we began our tour with 28.

I believe it is safe to say those 28 (including our guest teacher and me) grew to be “family” very quickly. Those needing help with luggage got it, and those in need of a hand walking up and down steps or upon the ancient stone roads and walkways, got it. Beyond that, the interaction between tour guests was quick and our group soon became family.

Throughout the tour laughter and cheer filled our bus. Songs were sung and friendly banter became hallmarks. We shared meals together, walked the streets of Jerusalem together, shared “wow” moments together, and rejoiced together.

One of my favorite memories is of our time on the Sea of Galilee. After a moving devotional from Pastor John, the Israeli boat crew cranked up the fun, teaching us Jewish dance steps to Shalom Aleichem and Hava Nagila. Israelis love to have fun and dance is a way of expressing themselves. Learning part of their culture was a blast! Virtually our entire group got involved in the dance and soon all were dancing in circles and line dances all over the boat! It was such a great time of fun and fellowship.

What a great group…and what a fun time! We will likely never forget it!

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