The Model City and Shrine of the Book

After an emotionally charged visit to Yad Vashem, we followed up with a visit to the Israel Museum, the 17th largest museum in the world. (Not bad for a country with less than .05% of the world’s population!)

Here, we took a good look at the model City of Jerusalem, which truly gives a great perspective of what Jersalem might have looked like in Jesus’ time.

The white dome is actually the shape of a lid to a clay vessel in which some scrolls were found at Qumran.

Just beyond the Israel Museum is the Israeli Knesset (their capitol building) and the Israeli Supreme Court building.

The Israel Museum is also home to the Shrine of the Book, featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls. A dome-shaped white building sits opposite a rectangular black stone wall, together depicting light and darkness.

Following lunch, some of us ducked into the main building to see some Judaica and a set of four life-size synagogues from other countries. There were also mummy casings on display in another area.

In afternoon options, some of our group opted for the opportunity to pray over the City of Jerusalem from the Jerusalem Prayer Tower, while others chose to enjoy the shuk (outdoor marketplace).

We have one day remaining before heading home, but it may be our most significant day of all. We’ll visit the Mount of Olives (including the Garden of Gethsemane), the place of Peter’s denial, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb. Then, following a little bit of free time, we’ll enjoy our farewell dinner together before boarding planes and heading home.

Stay tuned…

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