What’s Really Happening in Iran?

Hi friends! I am excited to keep you informed about our upcoming Israel tour, launching in a few days! We’ll be updating you live from Israel, so check in with us daily to catch the latest!

Meanwhile, I continue to follow news out of the Middle East and am glad to share some really good news with you today! Usually, when we think of Iran, our minds go immediately to their nuclear program and the Ayatollah’s push for nuclear weapons. Indeed, that is a newsworthy issue to follow, but that’s not where we’re going today!

Would you believe Iran is perhaps the fastest growing Christian population in the world today? As Iranians grow increasingly discontent with their government and their state-mandated religious tyranny, many are seeing visions and dreaming dreams in which Jesus is making Himself known to them! Here in our western culture, some view that as “a little weird,” but we must remember that God is not limited by our western mindset! He works in ways that are intricately designed to influence us in whatever way is most effective.

As Iranians seek the truth of God’s Word, they have no better friends than the true body of Christ who longs for the lost of any people group to be saved. Tom Doyle has lots of experience with the underground church in Iran. Check out what is really going on there. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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