With Russian Eyes on Ukraine, Iran Ramps up Attempts to Bolster Weapon Supplies in Syria

Not so long ago, Russia ruled the roost in Syria. It was the Russians who determined who came, who went, and what they did militarily. Today, Russia has pulled troops and equipment out of Syria to put them to work in the quagmire that is Ukraine.

So, what is happening as a result? Iran is flooding the Syrian front with huge shipments of drones and other weapons. The big cat is away and the sneaky mice are at play! But Israel is having none of it!

In a week’s time, Israel has launched three airstrikes on Iranian positions inside Syria. Specifically, Israel targeted Iranian shipments arriving at the Damascus airport. Disguised as aid, those shipments were actually weaponry destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. At least one of the strikes was carried out in broad daylight, which is very unusual.

The situation in the Middle East is very fluid, particularly with Russia tied up in Ukraine. As Bible students, we know that eventually Russia, Iran and Turkey will be major players in an invasion of Israel from the north. (Ezekiel 38-39) For quite some time, it appeared the players were gathering for pre-game introductions, but that seems to be delayed a bit at the moment. Perhaps the war in Ukraine eventually hardens Russian soldiers, making them more battle ready than ever. But for now, Ukraine seems to be the show stopper!

Could this be a brief season of reprieve from birth pains, at least as it pertains to the War of Gog and Magog that the prophet Ezekiel describes? After all, with Russia displaced, the IDF taking care of business with Iran, and Turkey laying low for now, it doesn’t appear the coalition is ready to take center stage.

How long will this reprieve last? Only God knows. Are we to simply sit back and breath a sigh of relief? Hardly! So, what shall we think and how should we live in these days? With the same expectation that Jesus could return at any time! We are not clear whether Ezekiel’s northern invasion happens before or after the rapture. But we can rest assured birth pains will return, and one day that invasion will happen.

Meanwhile, are we faithfully about our Father’s business? It is no time to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. We’ve got work to do! Whatever is on our agendas today, let’s make it count for heaven’s glory!

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