Michelle Bachman Explains How to Hold Elected Officials Accountable

For now, all focus is on getting people elected who will serve according to values of which we agree. That is important…and I hope you vote your values in this election.

But what happens once candidates are elected. How do we hold their feet to the fire to uphold campaign promises made? Former MN Representative Michelle Bachman not only answers that question, but also shares more about the importance of involvement in America’s great constitutional republic. Check it out:

Though the video dates back to the Trump era, the principles remain the same! How will you live out your faith in the public square?

BTW – speaking of public square, Charlie Kirk is hosting another Freedom Night in America event at Dream City Church in Phoenix this coming Wednesday night (November 2) at 6:30pm. His special guest will be the popular, patriotic journalist, Pete Hegseth. This is a Turning Point USA event, so if you want to get fired up about involvement in our great country, this will do it! See you there!

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