Are You Ready to Make Your Voice Heard?

Early voting has begun in all states that allow it, and we are just over 10 days out from election day! Is a red wave coming? Are the polls showing Democrats up in swing states accurate? Will someone attempt to sabotage the elections?

Arizona is now in the national spotlight, along with other swing states, and America First Republicans are looking for huge victories in this year’s election. We’re in the homestretch and its time to go “all in!”

If you are fed up with open borders, crime, inflation, CRT and LGBT ideology pushed on our school children, the murder of unborn babies and so much more, then you MUST vote. This is a once-in-a-lifetime mid-term that has the potential to send America straight down the drain, or open up opportunity for God’s grace to spare us one more time.

If we are to maintain our religious freedom, protect the lives of the unborn, fight evil indoctrination of our children, and uphold Biblical principles in these last days, we must exercise our faith in the public square, including at the ballot box. If you have not already done so, please cast your ballot between now and election day, and vote your values! Also, let’s make a great big push to get everyone we know to the polls.

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