Netanyahu on an International Media Blitz as Israeli Elections Loom

Benjamin Netanyahu, always the strategist, is increasing his international presence just days before Israelis go to the polls. Why would an Israeli candidate for Prime Minister spend time giving interviews to global news services at such a crucial time? Simple! He can get his position out to the world, and Israel’s citizen will see it as well. Netanyahu seems to be taking on the roll of PM, even before potentially taking office.

Netanyahu also just released his memoirs, called simply Bibi. Is the timing of the book release coincidental? Absolutely not! It is well-timed to draw more attention to his campaign and ramp up his presence.

Netanyahu has appeared on almost every main stream media outlet in America, including this 11-minute interview with PBS. No one articulates the state of the Middle East any more skillfully and confidently than Netanyahu, and he sounds very poised to become Prime Minister of Israel once again. Take a listen…

Just like in America, Israel is hurting from an administration who has not shown the backbone to stand up to terrorists and evil regimes. Let’s pray that God restores strength in leadership to both Israel and the United States!

The Israeli election is November 1.

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