Changing Seasons in Israel: The Beacon of Hope

Dear study friends, if you missed yesterday’s post (Israel Approaches a New Season), you will miss the foundation of this final post in the mini-series. Indeed, the beacon of hope we have in today’s chaotic world is the new season Israel approaches. It is cause for great anticipation and rejoicing!

The rebirth of Israel in 1948 and the subsequent establishment of a strong, prosperous nation was a true miracle and, perhaps, the greatest gift God ever bestowed upon His chosen people to date. (Bigger things are coming!)

But the benefit stretched far beyond Israel. As Israel fulfills God’s call to bless all the families of the earth (Genesis 12:3), we see God doing something no people group could do apart from the power and majesty of the Almighty God who calls them His own! God ordained seasons from the beginning of the world, and nothing happens apart from His perfect, sovereign will and timing.

Israel is now back in the land, and as the seasonal changes between summer and fall commence, it is a reminder that the fall feast season is upon them. Because the “fig tree blossomed” (Israel was reborn), they are about to enter times of great celebration (Feast of Trumpets and Feast of Tabernacles), sandwiched around Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). That day will be somber reflection of how they lived their lives this past year, and according to Jewish tradition, the hope it has been “good enough.” But praise God, a day is coming when their eyes will be opened to see the Messiah, and (following the horrible tribulation), all Israel will be saved!

That, my friends, will usher in the Feast of Tabernacles, which is symbolic of the Millennial Kingdom! There will be perfect peace, and because it follows the rapture, those of us who have placed our faith in Jesus the Messiah will have our new, glorified bodies and will enter into the eternal state of glorification with Jesus. At that time, there will be no distinction between Jew and Gentile! Believers of both stripes will fall at the feet of King Jesus to worship and adore Him!

It ends in glory for those who believe. It ends in eternal hell for those who do not. If you are one who does not believe, here is the best news of your life: you can turn to Jesus TODAY, regardless of where you have been or what you have done. The greatest gifts ever given were the life of Jesus Christ on the cross to save you and me from our sins, and His resurrection life freely given so we might live free of guilt and condemnation. His is God…turn to Him today!

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