Is There a Purpose to Bible Prophecy?

Hi friends! We’ve answered that question before, but popular Christian author, Joel Rosenberg addresses the question head on in a recent podcast.

Rosenberg is not only a best-selling author and well-known prophecy speaker, but he and his family “made Aliyah” (Jewish return to the homeland) several years ago. Many of his almost 20 books are action-packed geopolitical thrillers, playing out “what if” scenarios based on Bible prophecy. A handful of his books are non-fiction and very informative. His latest book, Enemies and Allies, is an intriguing, behind-the-scenes look at how the Abraham Accords came to be.

He is a popular Bible prophecy speaker, well-positioned spiritually with amazing connections with world leaders in the very places Bible prophecy is given. His insights are worth the time. Check it out:

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