Our Nation Needs Revival…Spiritually and in Government

Today is Labor Day in America. It is a day we recognize and honor the achievements of American workers and the development of America’s commitment to “do what it takes” to build up our nation. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the destruction of the working class today. We are watching Americans become satisfied to sit home and collect all the free stuff our government will hand us.

Many of us grew up in an era where a hard day’s work was rewarded with a good day’s wage. Not so much today. Wages are higher than they have ever been, yet much of America’s workforce has no commitment to “do what it takes.” We have become a lazy society, awaiting the next handout from the government, not realizing the two most effective tools of totalitarian socialists are fear and free stuff.

Consider the day in which we live. The iron fist of radical leftists have driven fear into the hearts of Americans over the past couple years. We fear COVID, we fear speaking out against evil, we fear being audited by the IRS, we fear admitting that we want America to return to greatness. And what can we say about free stuff!?! Seemingly endless “COVID relief,” free college, free electric cars, free entry into our country…and all kinds of free stuff that comes with that!

It is a plot and it is a ploy. The plot is to bring about One World Order in which the elitist do away with the “deplorables” and those who do not serve their interests. The ploy: make people live in fear and become fully dependent upon the government.

Which leads us right back to Labor Day. Our country is no longer one of great work ethic. Those in power don’t want it to be. They want every one of us to simply submit to their fear tactics and free stuff…because we are easy to control that way.

When will America wake up and realize the evil plot and ploy? When America experiences revival spiritually and in government. Pastor Jack Hibbs hits the nail on the head. Take some time today to consider this:

Let’s get back to our roots, and let’s pursue freedom in America! That pursuit begins with the people of God. What part will we play?

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