“2000 Mules” – The Book Releases August 30, Here is a Review

I recently finished reading an advance copy of 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Souza, based on the research of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Philips and presented in the blockbuster documentary film of the same name.

I found the film very revealing and, though the book doesn’t disclose lots of new information, it does include more detail regarding the atrocities committed in the 2020 election, as well as a deeper dive into how Engelbrecht and Phillips gathered and processed the evidence. Their organization, True the Vote, is truly the tip of the spear in uncovering the mass amount of ballot harvesting unleashed during that fateful election. They lay out the case in a way one simply cannot, in honesty, believe the narrative that 2020 was the cleanest election in history.

Through 10 well-organized chapters, D’Souza addresses everything from the foundation of the investigation, explaining technology, describing how mules delivered hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots to dropboxes, where the money trail leads, objections and refutations of their research, how to fix election fraud, and more.

Truth is important, and the objective seemed to be to deliver indisputable evidence that stands the test of truth and reality. One can push aside all evidence and say it doesn’t exist, but one cannot see this evidence and continue to believe nothing nefarious happened at the polls in November 2020. Shockingly, so much happened even before that election that enabled evil schemes to succeed. This is a wake up call.

Being an Arizonan, one disheartening revelation (though not surprising) was the secretive series of consent decrees signed by Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. With no consent of legislators, Hobbs knowingly and willingly allowed AZ election rules to be changed. When recognized on election day, there was little the Trump team or the Republican National Committee could do. On top of that, Republican Governor Doug Ducey refused to call the legislature into special session to refute what happened. According to the book, “Republicans had been completely outmaneuvered.” (Page 147)

Another intrigue was glimpsing into the research to be fully convinced that the exact same technology used by True the Vote to uncover election fraud is the exact same technology used by the left to track down every person at the January 6 Capitol incident. No one associated with 2000 Mules condones what happened at the Capitol that day, but the point is this: while the lefty lunatics vehemently deny the veracity of Engelbrecht and Phillips’ research and investigation, they fully uphold the veracity of the technology when used to track down wrongdoers at the Capitol.

Finally, in discussion regarding what we do to fix the problem, D’Souza voiced what many of us are coming to see very clearly: The Democrats’ scheme was incredibly organized and they knew the difficulties in discovering evidence, particularly in time to do anything about it.

…they counted on Republican ineptitude, Republican
pusillanimity, and Republican reluctance to cause a scene. They
are still counting on it.

~Dinesh D’Souza, page 176

So, what will we do? If we choose to turn away and do nothing, D’Souza warns that our electoral doom is sealed…and I happen to agree. While Democrats parade around as “apostles of democracy,” Republicans sit back wringing hands.

2000 Mules is an eye opener and provides much to consider regarding how to avoid this catastrophe a second time. But it starts with every moral-minded American. How will we respond?

I recommend the book to those who have not seen the movie, 2000 Mules, or those who are interested in diving deeper with Engelbrecht and Phillips into what really happened in 2020. It is definitely an eye opener and should drive each one of us to action.

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