Exploring Israel – Bet Shean and Jordan Valley

Hi friends! Are you ready for another day filled with new adventure and Bible truth? If so, you’re in the right place! We’ve spent over a week together, virtually visiting sites and studying God’s Word together, and we’ve got much more to see and do!

Just south of the Sea of Galilee is the Jordan River valley, including Bet Shean. On our drive down, we see the beautiful fields of the Jezreel Valley, and of course, Israel’s border with Jordan. Bet Shean is a reconstructed Greco-Roman city, complete with expected entertainment and self-gratifying amenities such as a theater, shopping district, spa and bath house, and temples to various Greek gods.

It also has Biblical significance, which you will find in today’s study. Enjoy!

Over the next two days, we’ll swing back around the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee and head north to Tel Dan and Caesarea Philippi. It is a beautiful area, rich in Biblical significance, so I’ll meet your right back here on the virtual tour bus tomorrow!

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