Exploring Israel – Nazareth

Welcome back, sojourners! I hope our virtual tour of Israel blesses you. Today, we are heading east in the northern part of Israel to visit sites including Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood hometown. A modern-day Arab-Jewish city, Nazareth was once a rather small community where Jesus’ earthly father found work as a tekton (Greek), a craftsman or builder in wood, stone or metal.

It is in Nazareth that we meet Pastor Saleem Shalash, an Arab pastor leading his congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus to both Jews and Arabs. Short of joining us in Israel, it is almost impossible to introduce you to this sold-out follower of Jesus, but check out Why a Former Muslim is Preaching the Gospel in Israel.

Otherwise, enjoy studying about Nazareth…

Tomorrow we make our way to the Galilee area, where we’ll spend some a few days visiting the very places that make up over 75% of Jesus’ ministry. See you then!

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