Joe Biden’s Amazing Transformation from Pro-Life to Pro-Death

The US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade is a glimmer of light in a world growing darker by the day. As those committed to the veracity of God’s Word, we celebrate life and we rejoice at the court’s decision.

Yet, well-informed Bible students know that evil is rising to heights not seen in world history, and we know God’s Word warns that deception, evil and unrighteousness will rule in the last days. We are seeing it happen.

A prime example, particularly in light of liberal rage over the Supreme Court ruling, is Joe Biden’s dishonesty and deception regarding the ruling. But, he is not the only radical leftist spewing falsehood. Perhaps most shocking, and most legally deserving of impeachment, is Maxine Waters:

FoxNews, 6/24/2022

Where Waters’ statement is pure evil (and dereliction of duty), Biden is more deceptive. Following the decision, he spouted one falsehood after another, including:

  • The Supreme Court took away a constitutional right. (Not so.)
  • The court has never reversed itself. (Not so.)
  • No one understands the issues at stake better than him.

That last falsehood is subjective in nature, but let’s consider Joe Biden’s history as a US Senator. True to his Catholic belief, in days past, Biden:

  • Strongly opposed abortion
  • Opposed Roe v Wade
  • Supported a ban on abortion
  • Voted for a constitutional ban on abortion

Those facts are well documented in Joel Rosenberg’s recent piece, Did you know that for many years Biden opposed Roe v Wade? What happened?

So, what is the point here?

The point is, we live in a time of extreme evil and deception. Here in America, it is election season and our airwaves and the internet are filled with political ads chock full of lies and deception…all in the interest of power. And, by the way, its not only Democrats.

Believers, it is important that you let your voice be heard. But first, be discerning as you evaluate candidates. What does their past tell you? Is lying common for them? How honestly do they answer key questions? (If they even answer them at all.) Do their values match yours, and are those values Biblical? Be wise. Vote wise.

But one final warning about evil, unrighteousness and deception during these last days. The court ruling may very well cause division within and among churches. Don’t be surprised! The Bible predicted it. (2 Timothy 4:3-4) Praise God if you are in a strong, Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Bible-confirming church. But beware if you are not. If teaching revolves around social issues…beware. If teaching revolves around “being your best self”…beware. If teaching revolves around ANYTHING other than God’s Word…beware!

We’re living in days of deception. We see it clearly in society, and it is growing profusely in the church as well. Get into God’s Word so that neither politicians nor false teachers deceive you!

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