An Appropriate Christian Response to Roe v Wade

Praise God for our Supreme Court Justices who boldly upheld our nation’s Constitution and struck down Roe v Wade. It is a great day for life!

Having said that, it is important to know that the victory is one for the Constitution, but it does not eliminate abortion. It simply puts the decision back where it belongs: in the hands of the voters in each state. That is what our Constitution demands. But beware: the hornets nest has been stirred. We live in evil days and this decision will likely activate big pushes to advance hyper-liberal agendas. It is time for believers to rely on God’s Word more than ever, and armor up for greater battles as we advance through the last days.

So, what should be the Christian’s response? No one “puts it on the line” and expresses it better than Pastor Jack Hibbs:

An Appropriate Christian Response to Roe v Wade

Take note, Christian friends, and prepare to make a difference in your state!

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