Grace and Truth Meet at the Cross

At Christmastime, we often quote the first part of John 1:14, but we tend to forget the last part: …full of grace and truth. Yes, Jesus came to dwell among us, and we celebrate that. But He also came as the representation of His Father who is full of grace and truth.

Grace and truth. How do the two intertwine? It is beautifully illustrated in John 8:3-11, when a woman caught in adultery is brought before Jesus. Her accusers wanted her punished, but Jesus wanted to illustrate grace and truth.

Rather than listen to those who brought charges against the woman, Jesus simply stooped down and began writing in the dirt. We don’t know what He wrote, but perhaps it was a list of sins committed by the accusers, because suddenly they all turned tail and left. Jesus then asked the woman, “Where are your accusers?” To which she replied, “They are gone, and no longer accuse me.”

Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Now, go and sin no more.”

Did the woman get off scot free? No. Her punishment was death…just as the punishment for all our sins is death. Sin deserves death. Yet, Jesus paid it! Jesus took her guilt upon Himself, and He takes my guilt and your guilt as well. The debt of sin was paid by Jesus Christ, and He offers us forgiveness as a free gift.

Truth: the debt of sin is death. Grace: Jesus paid it! The two meet at the Cross of Christ!

This is an impromptu post because I believe Jesus wants someone to know that He paid for your sins. That paid debt is your ticket to heaven and eternal life with Jesus our Lord. If you have not received that free gift yet, this post was written specifically for you! Receive that gift today and let’s meet together in heaven!

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