Plea for Prayer from a Christian Family in Ukraine

How dire are the circumstances in Ukraine? Likely most of us have no true understanding of the tragedy there.

This plea comes from a Christian family in Mariupol, which has been under direct attack for many days now. Please join me in praying for them.

“Good evening friends! Please pray for us! It is impossible to believe what’s going on here…. My family and I are in the church. By the grace of God we are alive…. The city is simply being wiped off the face of the earth…. It is completely destroyed, no electricity, all the wires are on the ground, no gas, the gas line is blown up, people go out on the rocks outside to cook their food, no water…. There is no gasoline, we have a well in the church, salt water, and we drink salty tea. Thank God at least something. People on the streets are hungry, stores are broken and looted, hailstones are shooting, guns, aircraft, bombs just fall around a few meters from the church. God controls these meters, and we only have windows blown out. But we are alive. The generators are on now, and we have charged the phones and for a time, there is WiFi and I hurry up and write this before it disappears…. Pray for us! I wanted to go out with my family when there was a corridor, but our car broke down right away. The Lord didn’t let us go far…. I hope the Lord will think of something for us…. Even if it’s over, there’s nowhere for people to live. Entire entrances are burned out, houses have holes in them, everything is broken! Schools are smashed…. They say don’t be horrified, it’s not over yet! But it is very scary…. There are corpses lying in the streets, they don’t have time to collect them, or maybe they don’t collect them at all… It’s very difficult! Pray! There are a lot of moroders out there! By the grace of God they feed us twice in church. Yesterday was the first time I washed the kids…. in all this time. From the sea we can get some, but there is nothing to heat, they cook food on generators, they save money on everything … Pray for us! May God give the leaders wisdom and they will agree…. We do not know how to live
We don’t know what to do next… God is with us, He is strong!”

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