Could Today be the Day Biden Sells Out to Iran?

There is indication the Biden administration is on the verge of announcing a new nuclear deal with Iran. If available details are accurate, this new deal is likely more disastrous than the Obama era nuclear deal terminated by President Trump.

Ironically, Moscow has been highly instrumental in negotiating terms, all the while breaking international law and terms of military engagement by indiscriminately bombing Ukrainian citizens. It begs the question why the US would ever entrust Russia with negotiating terms of an agreement with the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism. Unbelievable!

According to those involved in negotiations, America’s lead negotiator, Robert Malley, is thought to be considering removal of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from designation as a terrorist organization, and will likely release all major sanctions placed on key Iranian organizations, people and government agencies. If so, Iran will immediately have access to billions of dollars which will be funneled to terrorist groups across the Middle East, Europe and the world.

While all eyes are on Ukraine, America is about to unleash Iran to accomplish what they have long desired: production of nuclear bombs and the missiles capable of delivering them.

Assuming Iran’s nuclear capability, Putin’s tyrannical behavior, and lack of leadership anywhere in the world, what is to stop the formation and invasion by the coalition of Russia, Iran, Turkey and others into Israel…just as Ezekiel 38 describes?

We are living in critically urgent days. Are we committed to be about our Father’s business?

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