Encouraging Messianic Believers in the IDF

In Israel, every young man is required to serve at least 3 years in the IDF, and every young woman is required to serve for 2 years. Now, imagine that, as a Jewish person, you are a follower of Yeshua (Jesus), while almost all those you serve with deny Jesus as Messiah. For many, it is an extremely difficult situation.

Perhaps you live in a situation that makes it difficult to be a follower of Jesus Christ and can relate to those in Israel who come to know Jesus. Some are disowned or shunned by their families, and often they lose friends. On top of that, the pressure of serving in the IDF can make it an extra heavy burden.

One for Israel, an incredible ministry in Israel, hosts Messianic soldiers for conferences where questions are answered and encouragement is doled out in heaps! It is a fabulous part of the ministry of OFI. Here is a report of one of those recent conferences. Check it out…and pray for those young men and women! They are given unbelievable responsibility in a difficult world today!

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