Serious Military Action in the Middle East

Today has been a very busy day in the Middle East, with military action taking place as I post. (It is night time in the Middle East.)

First, to dispel early reports on social media regarding rocket attacks in Abu Dhabi, news outlets now report those explosions as gas cylinder explosions, not rockets, in a tall building in the UAE capital city. However, it did cause immediate concern following attempted Houthi attacks on the city in late-January.

Other reports are surfacing, though, of Saudi air strikes on Houthi positions in Sanaa. Over the past few months, Iranian-back Houthi warriors in Yemen have launched attacks on Saudi Arabian oil targets and other assets, as well as targets in the UAE. War is happening there, though we hear very little of it on the news. Today, Saudi forces took action against the Houthis in Sanaa.

But perhaps most significant are reports of Israeli airstrikes on Iranian-backed targets near Damascus Syria. Many explosions are said to have occurred and air defense systems were activated. One anti-aircraft missile fired from the air defense system crossed the Israeli border, activating alarms in Samaria. That missile exploded in midair.

Soon after, additional reports indicated an Israeli fighter jet may have destroyed the missile launcher that sent the rocket into Samaria, as well as radar and other anti-aircraft batteries.

On the diplomatic front, Russia and Germany continue to be at odds, and the Iranians are about to realize a dream come true: enough nuclear material for a bomb. Experts indicate Iran may be within days of that long-term goal.

It is only a matter of time before power-hungry Russia, nuclear-armed Iran, and desperate Turkey coalesce to invade Israel. We don’t know exactly how soon that will occur, but everything happening in our present age seems to line up with Ezekiel 38. Not the least of which is a weak US administration, stretched thin by multiple foreign and domestic issues, soon to lack the strength or resolve to stand with Israel. Right behind that is the possibility moderate Sunni partners in the Middle East, distracted by their own skirmishes, will be unable to stand with their new found ally, Israel.

What confidence do we have in these things? Simply that the Bible is more accurate than today’s news and it tells us of such alliances and onlookers during the last days. These are exciting times as we watch the God of the universe move pieces on the giant chessboard of the Middle East into place.

Soon, our Savior and Redeemer will come. Be bold, armor up and stand strong, Christian friends!

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