Just Say “NO” to China!

Just as America is not specifically mentioned in end time prophecy, neither is China (nor hundreds of other nations on the planet). When the Bible talks of specific nations or people groups, it is almost exclusively as they relate to Israel!

However, that is not to say other nations will not have a huge part to play just before they disappear from significance in the end. So here is a thought to ponder: Since America has undoubtedly been Israel’s greatest ally since her rebirth in 1948, what (or who) takes the world’s greatest superpower down before the end of time on this earth? More and more, it appears China will be the demise of America. Thus, we must prepare. And if not China, it will be someone else!

Here’s another thought: Nothing we do, say or pray will keep God’s plan from unfolding! Consider this: Bible prophecy is really for man’s benefit. It is not God’s calendar. He is eternal and unbound by time, so He sees in present what we will see in the future. While we sit on the curb watching the parade of life, our mighty God is high above, seeing the end and the beginning NOW!

So, whatever God’s plan for America, it will be fulfilled.

Where does that leave us as believers? Doing righteousness! Just because we know “God’s got this,” does not mean we do not fight for all that is right and righteous! That’s God’s commission for us!

So, it’s Olympic season, but why would we spend even one second supporting an Olympic committee and a nation (China) who boldly and brashly commit (or endorse) atrocious crimes against humanity and persecution of Christians? Beyond wondering why our athletes are there in the first place, why would we watch even one second of the Olympics? Same goes for buying their products. Why?

Righteousness calls us to say “NO” to China. What will you do?

PS: As one who aspired and, in some ways reached, the pinnacle of sports, I fully understand the lifelong passion and effort put forth by Olympic athletes. I understand the heartbreak of being denied an Olympic opportunity. However, righteousness demands we give up the “good” to enjoy God’s best… and God’s best is always wrapped in righteousness!

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