“Dad, Where was God in the Holocaust?”

Tomorrow is a solemn day for Jews worldwide. It is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day in which the whole world memorializes those lost in the Holocaust.

Prior to World War II, there were about 16.6 million Jews in the world, 9.5 million of whom lived in Europe. By the end of World War II, over 6 million European Jews had lost their lives in the Holocaust. In a very intentional and systematic method, Nazi Germany had implemented the “Final Solution,” which included death camps, firing squads, gas chambers and incinerators of mass killings.

January 27, 1945, Jews in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp (the largest and most deadly) were finally liberated. The German’s were defeated in WWII and what was left of the Jewish population in Europe was finally freed.

Today, experts estimate only 100,000 Holocaust survivors still living. Many of them languish in mental turmoil, and generations who follow them suffer from the horrifying memories of what happened to their loved ones. Some even ask, “Where was God in the Holocaust?”

The answer is found only in Yeshua HaMeshiach…Jesus the Messiah. Some, not many, have found that answer! Today, consider the “good news” this Jewish man found to that question.

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