Israel & America’s Worst Enemies – An Interview with Joel Rosenberg

Few people have had the opportunities Joel Rosenberg has to enter into the hallowed halls of rulers across the Middle East and in America. Having led Christian delegations into places such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, and having interviewed power players such as US Presidents, Secretaries of State, CIA Directors and FBI officials, as well as Israeli Prime Ministers and upper level officials, Rosenberg has met and interviewed the world’s most powerful people.

Recently, he release a book that skyrocketed to the top of best seller lists: Enemies and Allies. In it, he takes readers behind the scenes to listen in on fascinating high level conversations, and discusses the landscape leading up to the Abraham Accords. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it to those interested in what’s happening in the Middle East, and how it fits with end time prophecy.

Rosenberg sat down with Jim Scudder Jr in Jerusalem to talk about the book and today’s happenings in the Middle East and the US. It is an informative interview and I hope you’ll carve out some time this weekend to watch it! Enjoy!

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